Canon IR-2018



Product Specifications

Type Desktop
Maximum A3, 297 x 432mm
Original Size  
Copy Sizes Cassette: A5 - A3, Stack Bypass: A5R -
  A3, Envelopes
Resolution Copying: 600dpi x 600dpi, 1200dpi
  (PCL, UFRII LT), 1200dpi x 1200dpi
  (UFRII LT), 256 Gradations
Copy/Print A4: 18cpm (iR2018/i), 22cpm
  (iR2022/i), 25cpm (iR2025/i), 20cpm
Speed (9iR2030/i)
  A3: 15cpm for
Magnification Zoom: 50-200%, Fixed: 50%, 70%,
  100%, 141%, 200%
First Copy 6.9 sec
Warm-Up Time Approx. 26 seconds (approx 14 seconds
  for iR2018/22)
Multiple 1 to 99 sheets
Duplexing Optional Automatic Stackless
  (Standard for iR2025/30/i)
Paper Weight Cassette: 64 to 90gsm
  Stack Bypass: 64 to 128gsm
  Double-sided: 64 to 90gsm
Cassette Universal: A5 to A3
Paper Standard:
  250 sheets x 2 cassettes (80gsm, 500
Capacity sheets) for iR2022/22i/25/30/i
  250 sheets x 1 cassettes (80gsm, 250
  sheets) for iR2018/i
  Multi Stack Bypass:
  80 sheets (80gsm) for A5R to A4, 50
  sheets for A4 (80gsm)
  Optional: 250 sheets x 2 cassettes (500
  sheets) for iR2022/25/30/i
  250 sheets x 3 cassettes (750 sheets) for
  250 sheets x 1 cassette for iR2018/i
  Max. total paper capacity: 1,080 sheets
CPU Canon Customer Processor, 192 MHz
Memory 256MB (128MB for iR2018/22)
Interface Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T),
Power Supply 220V AC to 240V AC +/- 10%
Power 1.5KW max
Dimensions 622 (W) x 638 (D) x 665.4 (H) mm
  622 (W) x 676 (D) x 757 (H) mm
  622 (W) x 638 (D) x 580.4 (H) mm
  622 (W) x 676 (D) x 672 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 53.0kg (iR2022i/25i/30i),
  approx. 47.0kg (iR2025/30), approx.
  47.0kg (iR2018i), approx. 41.0kg
Send Function  
Optional/Standard Standard for iR2018i/22i/25i/30i - not
  available for iR2018/22 models
Scan Speed BW: 20ipm A4 300dpi; Colour: 6ipm
  A4 300dpi
with DADF  
Scan BW: 100dpi, 150dpi, 200 x 100dpi,
  200dpi, 200 x 400dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi,
Resolution 600dpi; Colour: 100dpi; 150dpi,
  200dpi, 300dpi
Destinations E-mail/Internet FAX (SMTP), PC
  (SMB, FTP), iWDM Gateway
Address Book Local (Max. 500)
File Format SIngle: JPEG, TIFF, PDF/ Multi: TIFF,
Printer Function (standard)  
Resolution 1200dpi equivalent x 600dpi (PCL,
  UFRII LT), 1200dpi x1200dpi (UFRII
  LT) (PCL Kit-V1 required for
  iR2018/22 and PCL Kit-W1 required
  for iR2025/30)
Memory 256MB (iR2018/22 - 128MB standard,
  256MB optional with PCL Kit-V1
  (uses Main Unit RAM)
CPU Canon Custom Processor 192MHz
  (uses Main Unit CPU)
PCL Fonts Roman113 (including Barcode Fonts)
  (for iR2018/22 only available with PCL
Supported OS PCL: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003
  Server/Vista; UFRII LT: Windows
  98/Me/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista,
  Mac OSX 10.2.8 or later
Interface Ethernet (100Base-TX/10Base-T), USB
Network TCP/IP (LPD/RAW/Port9100)
Optional/Standard UFII LT standard for iR2025/30, UFRII
  LT/ PCL standard for
Model Name DADF-P2
Paper Size A3 - A5R
Paper Weight 52gsm to 105gsm
Max. Number A5R to A4: 50 sheets (80gsm)
  A3: 25 sheets (80gsm)
of Originals  
Document Copy: A4 20ipm
  Scan: BW 20ipm A4 300dpi, Colour:
Scanning 61ipm A4 300dpi
Dimensions 565 (W) x 489.4 (D) x 122 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 7.0kg
cassette Feeding Module  
Model Name Cassette Feeding Module-P1/ Q1
Type Front-loading adjustable drawers
Paper Weight 64 to 90gsm
Paper P1: 250 sheets (80gsm) x 1 cassettes for
Capacity Q1: 250 sheets (80gsm) x 2 cassettes
  for iR1022/25/30/i
  P1 and Q1: 250 sheets (80gsm) x 3
  cassettes for iR2018/i
Dimensions P1: 580.3 x 569.3 x 116.8 mm
  Q1: 580.3 x 569.3 x 201.8 mm
(W x D x H)  
Weight P1: Approx. 6.0kg, Q1: Approx. 12.0kg
Model Name Finisher-U2
Number of One stack tray + Optional Tray (Inner)
Tray Capacity Standard: A4/A5/A5R: 700 sheets or
  100mm; A4R/A3: 380 sheets or 50mm
  With Optional Tray:
  Tray A: A4/A5/A5R 200 sheets,
  A4R/A3: 150 sheets
  Tray B: A4/A5/A5R 200 sheets,
  A4R/A3: 150 sheets
Staple Corner
Staple A4: 50 sheets, A3/A4R: 30 sheets
Inner 2 Way Tray  
Model Name Inner 2 Way Tray-E2
Tray Capacity Tray A: A4 100 sheets, other 50 sheets;
  Tray B: A4 250 sheets, other 100 sheets
Weight Approx. 1.5kg
Other Accessories  
Other PCL Printer Kit-W1, Pax Panel-B1
  (optional for iR2018/22, standard on
Accessories other models), Barcode Printing Kit-
  B1, Colour Send Kit-L1 (not for
(Optional) iR2018/22), Super G3 FAX Board-
  AA1, Duplex Unit-B1, iR2016/20 Plain
  Pedestal High (for 2 cassettes
  configuration), iR2016/20 Plain
  Pedestal Low (for 4 cassettes
  configuration), FL Cassette-AC1,
  PLATEN COVER Type J, Staple
  Cartridge-J1, Stamp Ink Cartridge-C1,
  Additional Finisher Tray-C1 (Optional
  for Finisher-U2), Card Reader-E1, Card
  Reader Attachment-D1, Power Supply
  Kit-Q1 (Required for Finisher-U2 and
  Cassette Feeding Module-Q1), Signal
  Converter for NEXUS