Started by entrepreneur Mohammed Safadieh in his hometown of Sidon, Lebanon in 2015. Today, SOE delivers office equipment, document processing solutions, and maintenance and repair services to the local market.

Located at the East Boulevard in the heart of Sidon, SOE supplies and supports a wide range of office equipment products and services to individuals and businesses alike.  SOE aspires to grow through growing with others.  SOE also supplies a wide range of document solutions which enable individuals to work smarter and more efficiently.

Our Philiosophy

    From our early beginnings, our business activities were guided by our core values. We strongly belief that success is built on maintaining professional and healthy relationships with our clients. After all, our clients are the very reason for our being and the measurement stick for all our successes.
    To stay ahead in this competitive industry and ensure our long-term success and market presence, SOE will make on its promise to:

  • Grow its reputation through the successes of our clients
  • Deliver the best and most reliable products and services on the market
  • Strive to use the latest technologies to advance own and clients businesses
  • Research approaches to increase clients productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce harmful impact on the environment and respect our corporate responsibility

Our Vision

SOE has a vision of becoming one of the most locally heard of companies whenever printing solutions are being discussed.  We aim to become what people will identify as a leading local office supplier that is reputable and known for its reliable and quick service. We will use our profits to introduce new technologies and pass them on to people. Ultimately, SOE aims to establish a strong foothold on the local market, and gradually increase its market share and gain more clients.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide office equipment incorporating the latest in software and hardware technologies coupled with a quick and efficient service, and to ensure that our document processing offerings are the best on the local market.