Office Equipment Purchase

SOE offers various products lines that can suit various budgets. Our clients can choose to buy new or refurbished to new  standards copiers, multifunction copiers,  printers, scanners, cameras, lamination machines, and faxes from our massive stock of business machines from Canon, HP, Samsung and many other renowned international brands. All equipment can be purchased with/out network features and color or black and white options to meet your office requirements.
The choice is yours. Whether you are choosing a new branded, or opting for a fully refurbished to new condition office equipment, SOE guarantees  that all our office equipment are fully tested and ensured to top all performance levels.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Our business began 18 years ago entirely as a copier service center. We provide complete maintenance and repair services on almost all major brand copiers, fax machines, scanners, multifunction printers and other office equipment. Our staff are highly trained and have many years of experience servicing client office equipment.

Our technicians will answer service calls, diagnose and perform the repairs at your offices. If a problem can't be fixed in its expected time frame, SOE can loan your business a machine to replace your faulty one on a pre agreed maintenance plan, while your machine is being repaired at our service center.

Clients can determine whether to keep their business machines or choose to buy a different for a small diagnostic onsite service fee. New clients will have their new or refurbished checked for free for any faults during the guarantee period stated in the agreement.


SOE clients can benefit from tailor made rent programs. Under these programs, we offer renting schemes for various brand multifunction copiers, multifunction printers, scanner, and fax machines, all with network and color features. Our clients can decide to purchase the rented equipment after the rental period ends.

Rental agreements includes, the setup, service toner and takedown of all office equipment.

Multifunction Copiers: Rental offers include copiers with printing in A4, A3, black and white or color copiers. All copiers feature the ability to collate, print in duplex, scan and fax.
Office Printers: LaserJet and inkjet printer rentals for low capacity printing demands, and small office needs.

Fax Machines & Scanners:  Digitally scan your documents and save paper space with our scanner rentals and if you are still sending documents over a phone line, make use of our rental fax machines.